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A superb build of the USA light tank M24 Chaffee Northern Europe 1945, fantastic work with the stowage, figure, and weathering truly superb work from modeller Cardon Pierre

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Is that 1/35th scale. what brand is it ? great job !!!

How do you refuel it?

With difficulty and a lot of swearing!

Get a private to heave some of that stuff off the engine deck to get to the fuel covers I guess

A nice model, well painted and weathered. Maybe a bit heavy on the stowage, but GI’s were notorious for piling stuff on their vehicles.
I do have a question for an M24 “expert” (which I am not). The tracks on this model are rubber chevron, I don’t recall seeing a WWll photo of an M24 in ETO with these tracks, all I’ve seen are steel. Were the rubber tracks used?

All that stowage on the back is blocking the air intake vents, overheating the engine. It is also covering the exhaust pipes. The model itself looks good. I like the paining and weathering.

Correct, the rubber chevron tracks were a post-WWII/Korean war feature. The WWII tracks were all metal.

Gorgeous build, however, I have a difficult time understanding why modelers like to place weapons unmanned by the soldier/s. If I saw one of my soldier in my platoon leave their weapon unmanned they would be written up or I have one of the squad leader take that soldier to the woodshed. Never leave “your weapon” unmanned or no more than an arms length away.

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