U.S. Marine Helicopters Question

now that the sea knight has been withdrawn from service what are the marines using as a replacement?

The Osprey replaced the CH-46 for the USMC

@Stikpusher has a longer range, is it more easily stored on a carrier?

I’m not sure how the Osprey compares to a Sea Knight when it’s all folded up for stowage. But when all deployed for flight it has a larger on deck footprint.


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yeah i was just thinking that regarding deck space, can it carry more men than a sea knight?

I think technically/spec wise yes. The stats are usually over inflated but even if equal number still mostly still a better option as it is faster and can refuel in flight. Sadly the Phrog could not do that. It was an awesome helo for its time but like the H-34 the Phrog replaced the Osprey is the next step.

Looking at the specs on wiki, the V-22 has the same troop seating capacity as the CH-46. But the V-22 has more than twice the cargo weight lift capacity. And like Tank said, it can be refueled in flight, a capability that the 46 lacked. But even without aerial refueling, the V-22 has a much larger combat radius compared to the 46. In a nutshell, the 22 can lift more, fly farther, and fly faster than the type that it replaced.