U.S. Special Forces | Armorama

Airborne Miniatures released a new figure across 4 different scales. 3D sculpted by Maciek Rebkowski, this masterpiece represents US Special Forces Operator.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/u-s--special-forces
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Don’t miss this news report if you are a fan of modern figures…


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Sporting the Glock, I see. Even so, I can envision getting this one in two scales.

Yep, I’m split over 1/9 or 1/16, but definitely one is going in the stash. And to the front of the build queue.

Looks great, Maciek!

I’ve a question for SOFs…and I know you told me that SOFs can wear anything they want to…but in general, what color are the jeans and T-shirts that SOFs wear? There has to be some logical standard to all of this “informal dress code.”

I haven’t seen SOFs wear white, black, green, gray, or torn jeans…if you see what I’m getting at with my question. :grin: And I haven’t seen SOFs wear tie-dye T-shirts or orange shoes either.

So how “colorful” can one get?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t mix plaids and stripes.
No white after Labor Day.

Black T-Shirt over BLUE jeans never goes out of style. Ask Johnny Bravo.

And of course if you don’t want to advertise your sidearm a long black coat always works.

In either case, an FDNY cap will remind them why you there, in case it’s the last thing they ever see.

My experience dealing with these guys, and their clothing, simply put…think ‘chameleon’.

And, tacticool sunnies, too. With a mirror lens. Nothing less will do.

Can’t wait to see this on the bench.

Tan jeans work, too… purportedly US SF in South America. Posing with a local?

In this image, we see the almost ubiquitous sleeve tattoo that rounds out the ensemble: right arm of guy on left. And, ‘Mechanix’ gloves.

Thanks, guys, I appreciate the answer and the photos–very helpful! :grinning: