UAZ 3909, Zvezda, 1/35

Greetings to the members of the forum.
This time I want to show you one of the last kits under construction.
It is the UAZ 3909 van, from Zvezda, in 1/35 scale.
The reality is that I was surprised by the quality of the kit, comparing it with the Zvezda kits of some decades ago.
The level of detail is very good, and even better is the fit of the parts. I only had to scratch complete some details of the rear cargo box and a handle on the front doors.
If I have to criticize the kit, it’s the transparent parts. They are made of a very soft plastic, they scratch easily and become opaque when in contact with alcohol or thinner.
Another detail to take into account is that, for reasons unknown to me, the rear bumper support does not appear in the kit. According to the instructions, they are part of the chassis spars, but these end abruptly, without the bracket. I had to scratch build them (see the last two pictures).
Another detail to take into account is the engine grille. There are two options: solid or openwork, to fit a grille… but the kit does not come with a grille.
When I finish with the painting phase, I’ll show you the finished kit.
I hope you like it and greetings to all.


Your build looks great so far. Love the detail added
In the rear cabin area. :+1::+1:

Looks like the frame parts might have not molded properly.


New Zvezda kits are near Tamiya quality in fit and finish. In 2018 Zvezda completely re-vamped the company, going all CAD\CAM with computer cut molds. Any kit with a 35-, 36-, or 37- item number is brand new and all new tooling, and will have this new very high quality. I have their new WC-51 and WC-52 kits and they are better than the Skybow\AFV Club kits. Also, Zvezda kits enjoy very low price points. I can’t wait for this war to be over so we can enjoy Zvezda kits in the mainstream again.


Looking good so far!


I agree; I’ve got their Typhoon VDV and the engineering is really nice. They really upped their game and whatever happens to Russia, I hope they thrive when the war is over.


@ Juan (Ravizzoli). Hello Juan. Nice work so far! :hammer_and_wrench:

I’m building the same kit… well, I was building it. My ‘Bukhanka’ currently sits in a long queue of things to finish. My big holdup has been modifying two figures to their respective seats in the van. Anyway, the Zvezda kit has been a real enjoyable experience thus far.

I’ll be following along and look forward to seeing how your version of this iconic little van progresses.



They have kits from the 1990’s that start with ‘35’.


Oh. Never mind the 35- kits then. I got two late 35- kits that were new generation, so I thought they all were. My bad. Stick to the 36- and 37- kits for new technology.


You could always check Scalemates; they list tool years. If it says 2018, ask here if it’s new or old Zvezda. 2019 on, you’re probably safe.