UH-60 Medevac - Converting the Kitty Hawk Kit

I did not use HH-60 on purpose. Few HH-60 Ls or As were ever made. Most medevacs in these two variants were regular slicks with the needed equipment added. Werner Wings used to offer a kit but it really was for the carousel mass casualty set up. I’m looking to do a basic Medevac set up with the A+. They removed the seats. But they had an internal hoist, and a FLIR ball on the port side step sponson.

Is there a source for an internal or the FLIR ball in 35th scale?

Cobra Company made the Quick Mount FLIR. Check w/Lone Star Models as he bought all the CC masters and is slowly reissuing them. I reviewed it here:
There isn’t really a lot to it if you want to scratch it up. Just the step, mount plate and a standard FLIR head, which is already in the KH kit. You could probably use the KH step as well, just turned and added to the mount.

For the hoist, the Academy MH-60G, AH-60L, and MH-60S all have the internal hoist included. PM me as I have a few left over sets.

Another question: Does anybody do modern litters and backboards? Werner Wings does not do the medevac kit anymore. And Pro Art I think had some stuff but they are not more.

Djiti’s Productions does a litter set.

Eureka XXL has a couple different Spine Boards sets.

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So I went to order my MH-60 for this conversion. Sprue Bros is out of stock. Is there any other KH kits that have all the MH-60 parts in there? Maybe I can order that kit?

You can order direct from Kitty Hawk at a reasonable price ($120), shipping via FEDEX Express (3-4 days to US) included. Contact Sofia in costumer service at the following email: sophialynm@gmail.com

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