UK stockists of Real Model products?

Hi gang, topic title says it all - Real Model’s website will not accept orders to the UK thanks to our vote of self-imposed economic sanctions, so I’m looking for a UK source that can manage the import routine. Are there any out there?

Yes but they make things I want, that nobody else is offering.

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Maybe some other retailer in the EU who is prepared/able/willing to handle shipping to “third countries”?

Have you tried asking Libor at PanzerShop?

RealModels state that they hope the problem is temporary …

…as do 48% of the UK population, but that figure’s been growing over the last couple of years!

I may have a workaround through a friend with family in the EU, but thanks for the suggestion - I might contact Libor anyway.

That would have been my second suggestion :grin:

Not wanting to open a can of worms and make some people unhappy (we in the US have many cans of worms currently) but can you explain Britex? As a non Brit I haven’t followed it very closely. Did it work the way it was advertised or did it go astray?

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I was here when Brexit started and I STILL can’t explain it! :thinking:

But I’m sure Google will give you an avalanche of data…