Ukraine war T-80BVM decals ( yellow)?

anyone know where i can find yellow decals for trumpeters t-80bvm?

you could just get white ones and carefully cut them out and thrn quickly airbrush some yellow over them.
i have done this in the past and it works reasonably well.

Stencils might be worth checking out if you can’t find any decals.

im having a hard time finding stencils right now but i think this is how ill end up doing it, my thanks to both of you.

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Theres a model railroad supplier that sells different color numbers/ letters , but name is aluding me right now. Woodland scenics possibly


Yup, Jeff is right on the money. Woodland Scenics sells the large yellow stencil numbers. They are available almost everywhere.

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thanks! I never thought of woodland, I appreciate the heads up!