Ukrainian BMP riders & Crew from AC Models | Armorama™

AC Models announced their next release, a set of Ukrainian soldiers in 1/35 scale.

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I never doubted that he modelling gods would have answered the call. I must say this looks like an impressive offering. I can’t seem to find a vendor but I’m sure that will reveal itself in due time, as well.

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Both Hobby Easy and BNA Modelworld stock AC Models. They are pretty much the only ones that have regular stock but they can still be hard to get. Once a set goes out of stock, it’s typically 6 months or more before re-stock happens.

AC only releases full sets of figures, never individual ones and they seldom even break sets up in to two. Expect this 8 figure set to run in the $125-150 USD range.


just for your info; in Europe AC model sets are sold by Exter in Germany.