Ukrainian BTR-4 Early from MiniArt | Armorama™

MiniArt announced a new kit, depicting a vehicle we often see in recent reports from Ukraine.

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Impressively fast!

Lovely….just what my Ukraine infantryman need…they are very happy…:ukraine:

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Hello Recon22,
Looks very good what you are offering.
Are these converted Russians from Live Resin ?

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It is great to see MiniArt still going at this time.

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Thousands of heads, like a Mayan New Years Party.
That’s the way to get “AHead”

On a serious note, those figures are sweet…


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This announcement indicates Miniart is still manufacturing…great news in of itself!

That bar armor looks intimidating. I’m not even going to go there. Maybe they’ll do one later without all that.

Thank you Neo….have a “few” in the spares container I guess, need to stop buying resin ones and use the plastic stuff every now and again. Take care brother🇺🇦.
P.S The figs are modified “Tank 1/35 Modern Russians” from Yaroslav before he started the Live Resin line.

Hi Ren, yes mate….I replied also down below, but they are TANK.