Ukrainian Flakpanzer Gepard

Anyone have any Idea of what the markings are on the Flakpanzer Gepard look like or if they are still in the NATO 3 color?

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My guess is that the Germans covered their national insignia over and the Ukrainians painted their “+” insignia on them. The vehicles seem to retain the NATO 3-color camo scheme.


Thanks did the Ukrainians remove the side skirts on all of them that was given to them im using Tamiya’s
kit for mine

Only the Dutch Cheetah uses side skirts. The Tamiya Gepard has accuracy issues with the side skirts and road wheel spacing.


Pics of a Ukrainian Gepard…the Bundeswehr markings and registration numbers were removed before delivery.



As Jason says, tha Tamiya kit has a wheel-spacing issue because it’s based on their standard Leo 1A4 kit. The Gepard (apart from the prototypes} had a very slightly longer wheelbase and lower hull compared to the standard Leopard tank (I seem to recall the extra space was needed to provide sufficient clearance between the driver’s station and the turret mechanisms within the hull). That extra length creates a distinct gap between the third and fourth roadwheels. To be clear, this extra length does not relate to the additional rear ‘wedge’ section seen on the back of the Gepard and Biber AVLB.

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German Gepards never had side skirts. They were just never introduced. I know, because I served in a Gepard regiment. As said, only dutch Cheetah (CA1) did have them. Avoid the Tamiya kit. Wheel space is not the only issue with it. Go for Meng or Takom! Leopard Club has a comparision of both.

EDIT: strangely enough they had the rubber front fenders which were used in combination with side skirts. Biber for example also never used side skirts and has a completely different set of front fenders.



So they dont have any distinct Ukrainian markings?

No distinct Ukrainian markings so far from the available images.

I was just researching this last night as one of my next builds. I came across only the white cross pics also last night before crashing. There is a 2 in 1 kit being sold with Ukraine decals, but I see nothing of that marking just yet.

Hopefully a flood of kits dont hit the market just because they want to throw in Ukraine color decals and spinning it at something new.