Ukrainian M88/M88A1

Anyone have any Info or photos of Ukrainian M88/M88A1 recovery vehicles searching on google and you tube came up with nothing

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Apparently they are getting M88A2s. Have fun with the Legend M88A2 Conversion.


from the short videos i seen M88A1 so I assume they are getting both
one video i seen was one A1 that was knocked out

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Apparently they got/are getting both. Below is a destroyed M88A1. My guess is they got A1s to support the Bradleys and are getting A2 to support future Abrams and other tanks.

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this one is going to need a trip to the motor pool.

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These are in better shape :wink:


In action :



I have Revell Germany’s Bergpanzer M88A1G (rebox of the AFV Club) are there things I need to change
on it to make it a standard US supplied M88A1?

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Yes. Basically you will leave off all the German parts. These include the whole H sprue and most of the G PE parts. You will still add the basket on the boom (G11) and the guard on the exhaust for the APU (G10). You will also need to add the US smoke grenade launchers (A68, A69, A70, A71). Also, you need an M2 .50 cal up top as opposed to the G3 MG. There may be a few other small parts as well, but those are the major ones.

Here is the US M88A1 instruction as well. If you follow them instead of what comes in the A1G kit, you will be good.

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thanks bud you think the Ukrainains mount a M2 or a DSKA onthe M88?

Could be either, but it looks like we are supplying them as part of the system, so I would go with the M2. Not sure what the one above has on it. It looks like a minigun or automatic grenade launcher.

Any guess on the color/ camo pattern
as a go to for all My Russian made Ukrainian equiptment I use modern Russian green from AK or do you think a overall green similar to NATO green with the typical digital camo?

I think Russian Green would fit, then hand paint the numbers and Balkan cross with a flat white paint marker.

Im sure they got repainted like they did with the Bradleys

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Most likely since the bulk of the equipment we sent to Ukraine was from prepositioned stocks and it was all painted in desert CARC tan.

were there even M88A1 pre positioned or just A2s?

M88A1s would’ve been taken from old stocks in the US. The Sierra Army Depot in California has a huge 36,000 acre storage yard full of military vehicles. Google Earth the area and you’ll see acres full of everything from Humvees to M1A1 Abrams tanks.

Most likely they were repainted like Bradleys. They are sprayed overall with NATO green and then have the digital patches of what looks like sand, interior green, and a chocolate brown.

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Id mount the M2 that came with the AFV Club/Revell M88A1 but it has a flash suppressor not sure if they would be using a flash suppressed M2

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