Ukrainian Special Forces

A first large scale figure on my bench after 15 years…

This is a Red Anvil figure, originally sculpted to depict Russian Spetsnaz GRU officer, but I decided to make him into Ukrainian special ops instead. The figure is sculpted by the talented Nikita Ableev in 1/16 scale. A very nice figure altogether that I reviewed for Armorama couple of years ago (click for a review).

I changed the weapon to AK-104 with various add-ons, to give the figure a bit more of a special forces look. NLAW is a 3D printed piece.

We’ll see how it goes…



The pose looks great.

Lovely looking fig Mario! What camo are you going to go with?

Glad you like the figure, it really is a work of art.

Karl, the trousers will be OCP, perhaps some pieces of equipment as well. The jacket one tone, perhaps greyish.

I have Crossdelta decals for OCP and they are really good, but I’d like to paint this one. I think it will be a very demanding camo to paint though.



hi Mario,

I have this figure, too, and was wondering where you found the NLAW in 1/16, please?

best regards,


Hi Kylie,

I searched long and hard for NLAW in 1/16… no options in resin as far as I can tell, but I found a good 3D model and a friend printed it for me.


Wow, that is a great figure!

I like what you have done as far as the weapons are concerned, this will be special.

I’ll be sure to to make notes. :vulcan_salute:t3:

Thanks, Mario

Nice to see you doing figures again mate. You picked a beauty this time. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

this looks amazing, can you give us more information about the updates you did and where you got the extra accessories please.

Cheers guys!

The AK-104 is a product from Quasar Miniatures. Perfectly cast with nicely defined details, but as far as I know these weapons are OOP now.

As for the NLAW, I found the 3D blueprints on-line and a friend printed it out in 1/16 scale. The launcher had to be modified a bit, optic sight folded, some details added as well.



@Maki Mario, have you considered entering it into the “Not a Tank Destroyer” campaign? :grinning:

No campaigns for me… I can never meet a deadline. :frowning:


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I’m in! Standing by to stand by. :wink: