Ukrainian T-64BV | Armorama™

Ukrainian Army T-64BV using Trumpeter products. I think it's a very well made kit. I didn't use aftermarket parts this time. I 3D printed the light guard and some props. I used Ukrainian tank soldiers from Valkyrie Miniatures. This is probably modeled after the 2014 Donbass conflict, so it may not be the current equipment, but I decided not to worry about it.:-D

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Excellent work @Ryogugu! Love all the added bits of stowage, figures and the flag - it really brings the model to life. I’ve been personally hoping to build one of these Ukrainian T-64s but they don’t go on stock in our local hobby store very often. I think I’ll settle for building an Ukranian T-72 - I really like the blue and yellow colored era blocks they featured.