Ukrainian T-64BV by Martin Martinsos Šiška | Armorama™

A stunning build of the Ukrainian T-64 BV from Martin Martinsos Šiška the tank commander is from Zvezda RB model metal barrel and a stunning finish

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I really quite like this T-64 with its muted green tones and washed out, faded paint and markings that give the impression of how the vehicle might look on a dull, autumn or winter day. The grimy, greasy and ground in dirt is particularly well observed and certain little elements stand out nicely like the red barrel, the spent shell casings on the turret and the red tow hook eyes. From what I can see the figure has a fantastic looking face, full of expression and the uniform is painted with care and precision.

Awesome model. weathering right on point, not too exaggerated, not subtle. BV’s are very nice subjects. Congratulations!