Ukrainian T64BM Bulat and other Ukrainian AFV

I just rescently place a order for Trumpeters T64BM and i already have a Zevzda 2S3 MSTA-A self Propelled howitzer and eventually a BMP-2 to complete the combined arms team
the main question I have what is the current paint scheme/ camo i know the digital pixle one is more for parade use and what colors are used for the camo
any help will be appreciated

I’m seeing a few, what look to be field applied digital type camo schemes, not as elaborate as the parade stuff. But a lot is just standard overall green. Main gun tubes sometimes have a yellow or blue band of paint or fabric on them around bore evacuators, as an apparent ID mark. And of course, the typical eastern front mud is all over.

Iv also seen images and videos of the T64BM Bulat in a 4 color no digital camo pattern

Not related with your question about the cammo, but a warning about Zvezda BMP-2 : it’s the same ancient kit that Dragon released back in 1990, with all the inaccuracies later discovered and widely commented in modeling forums.
If you’re OK with that, go on, it’s definitely a cheap kit.

I know about Zevzda’s older releases being old dragon or italeri reboxes i was planning on going with Trumpeter’s BMP-2

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My advise was just in case

Very much appreciated


These photos are not recent. I would say the three color camo would be more appropriate

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I am currently building Bulat which shall receive digital camo.
Hope this will be useful.

Yes it is thank you very much for your assistance

Are these photos of any good to you?

yes thank you