Ukrainian Tank crews

I recently bought the Valkyrie miniatures Ukrainian tank crews for a build I’m working on. It had me thinking and wondering if there were any other sets that you guys would recommend for conversion. I have two builds that need crewing and i was thinking of maybe getting some modern Russian figures and using those but wasn’t 100% certain that would work.

There is this one for a crew at rest.

Modern Russian crews would work too as their gear and weapons are similar.


@HeavyArty thank you! I didn’t realize miniart had released this already.

Can use any Russian/Soviet modern tank figures really; their helmet/uniforms/jackets etc are so similar, with some slight modification. And my research shows each crewmembers kit varies so much, in the current Ukrainian war anyways. Theres a few plastic sets from Miniart, Zvezeda, Meng, Also theres Resin sets from Evolution & Live-Resin I picked up.

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@Jamie_Alguire im oookinf at using another set of Valkyrie miniatures or possibly the zevezda set. I’ve noticed that it is a modge podge of items at times. Even may go to the extent to paint a crew wearing flecktarn and woodland camo.