Ukrainian troops

Any suggestions on troops to use for the top of a AFV Club AIFV in Ukrainian service?

I have the AFV Club kit, and would like to model it with Ukraines sitting on the top.

I’m pretty sure miniart has just brought some out. Google it

MB did some too…

Masterbox just put out a set of ukrainians soldiers (the weapons choice isn’t the best since ukrainians troops mainly uses AKM) .You could use these torsos and heads with US army or UK legs from other figures sets
For tankers, miniart has a set of ukrainians but they are in relaxing poses . You could use Russian tankers since the helmets are the same.

Thanks, guys,

I recall seeing a resin set of Russians designed to sit atop an APC. But I can’t recall the manufacturer.
They were made to sit atop a BTR but could probable be adapted to an AIFV

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That might be live resin figures

That’s it-Live Resin figures.