Unboxing Model Factory Hiro 1/12 Tipo 158 Alfetta

If only I could afford one of those kits.
I will definitely be watching.

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Yes they are pricey. I wrestled with spending that kind of money then I realized I had points accumulating on my business credit card that covered the whole thing so I pulled the trigger . If I look at it in a myopic way it’s like getting it free … sort of . That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


You’re really one lucky guy. All our bonus pts on our credit cards some goes straight towards my wife’s purchases. Go figure.


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So…when are we getting started on this amazing looking kit?sHa_popcorn

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Thanks Joe - build thread started and you have responded to it !

Unbelievable …facepalm_zps53dc553a I’ll go ahead and blame this on my ADD. Alrighty then…I’ll be looking in on and chimin’ in from time to time.

Now that’s pretty funny. :joy: And I thought that I was the only one that does that.