Unboxing Model Factory Hiro 1/9 1948 HRD Vincent Black Shadow

Here is a look at what you get with these beautiful kits.
The box -

Parts -

Tires / rims / fender - wheel building fixtures.

Bags of white metal parts -

Various metal rods /tubes

Photo etch and decal sheets -

and a look at page one on the instructions-

I will be doing a build log when I commence construction.

Thanks for looking!


Thanks for the peek, Richard. Out of interest, why the '48 version over the '50 model?


Hi Michael - I like the ‘48 model better because it is still HRD - Homage to Howard R Davies who started the marque - and it still has Brampton Biflex girder forks . I would have purchased the 50 model though had the 48 been sold out . ( and I wouldn’t turn down either of them if someone were to give me the real thing ! )
Cheers- Richard