Unfortunate news from Value Gear Details

I was about to make an order from Value Gear Details and read this notice. Thought I’d share:
"No International Orders until further notice.

The Post office Raised Prices and added a middle man to international shipping.

So now it cost me $5 to send to a Global Ship Center and then an outragous amount for then to re-label the package and send to you.

I cannot justify sending a $10 set with $18 Postage,
If you want to get a bigger order Read Below!

If you want a few items or have a few friends that need something,
you can Email Me and we can see if the order makes sense for you.
Do not buy anything on the site,
I cannot add postage or charge your cards for the difference.

:scream: :rage: :sob: :sob: :sob:
:smiley: :canada:

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I get it. Value Gear Details - Welcome!

Steve does give you a Canadian option.

He has distributors/hobby shops in other regions to help out non US customers.

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Hobby Center is a joke! I just checked their “non-existent” catalog…they’re “sold out” of just about 80% of plastic kits, and practically nothing at all in 1/72. They’re also out of most of Value Gear Detail stock. That reminded me of why I order all my kits from Chinese ebay vendors. When you compare price (much more expensive in Canada); shipping/postage (much more expensive in Canada); and tax (no tax from China); the choice is really quite simple! I expect that will be the next hobby store to close it’s doors. :rage:
:smiley: :canada:

Maybe an online Canadian shop like Sunward Hobbies will pick up the line. They have a good selection and great service. I am not part of either company,

I would recommend emailing Steve and let him know that information.

Andy’s Hobby Headquaters stocks a ton of Value Gear and is supply stays very well stocked. I’d suggest giving him a look.

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$18 for a $10 kit? That’s a hell of a lot better then the $99.00 sh for a $20.00 tee shirt I was quoted :joy: but still wow