The B1 Centauro tank destroyer is deployed in south Lebanon by the Italian Army for UNIFIL peacekeeping mission since 2006. Three variants of the B1 Centauro are in use in Lebanon, the B1 Centauro Early Version (2nd Series), the B1 Centauro Early Version 2nd Series with Upgraded Armor and the B1 Centauro Late Version (3rd Series).

Kits and aftermarket products used for this project:

Trumpeter 00386 B1 Centauro AFV Early Version (2nd Series)
Trumpeter 00387 B1 Centauro AFV Late Version (3rd Series)
Trumpeter 01564 B1 Centauro AFV Early Version 2nd Series with Upgraded Armor
Echelon Decals ECH356096 Italian Centauros
RB Model 35B070 105 mm L/52

Sources and documents which helped me building this project are:

B1 Centauro Late Version : Oliver Carneau’s walkaround : http://olivier.carneau.free.fr/

B1 Centauro AFV Early Version and B1 Centauro AFV Early Version w/ Upgraded Armor : Paolo Fanin’s walkaround :


Paints and Pigments used:

Tamiya Acrylic Paints
MR Hobby Aqueous Color
AK Real Colors
Winsor & Newton Oil Colours
502 Abteilung Oil Colors
Conté à Paris Soft Pastels



like your builds! Which kit is the better in your mind?

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great job! I also did a UNIFIL Early B1.


What do you mean by which kit is better? All three kits are from Trumpeter, and all are identical other then having a few detail additions/changes to make the specific version, like the ROMOR armor on the IFOR one or a new lower and upper hull to make the extended hull of the 3rd series. But 99% of the parts are identical in all the kits.

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As Jon Feenstra said, the three kits are basically the same but I did enjoy most building and painting the Centauro with upgraded armor.

It rocks Ian, your Centauro looks great :+1:

Thanks. Just don’t look too close. :laughing:

I thought I saw one another brand, but see I was mistaken. My apologies in advance

Since these are used in Lebenon have they been used against Isreal?

They are there on a peacekeeping mission, so no, they have not been used against Israel as that would suggest they are taking sides. UNIFIL has always tried to de-escalate and when they can’t, they simply get out of the way. Post 2006, which is when the Italians deployed, the ROE was changed to allow UNIFIL to open fire in self-defense and to protect personnel and civilians, but Centauros have not ever been involved in these situations that I am aware of.

The only time the Centauro has been used in actual combat is in Iraq.