Unique diorama idea for Ukraine invasion

I saw this Youtube video of an Ukrainian farmer using his tractor to drag a Russian APC. :smiley: This Ukraine Farmer Decided He Takes A Russian Tank With His Tractor... - YouTube
Can someone do a diorama of it?

@James_Lee ee have been discussing this in the other thread about building models from the Crisis in Ukraine.

why don’t you have a go and build it yourself mate.

kind regards


Thank you, Klaus for letting me know. Didn’t know there was a very active discussion thread going on already. As to doing it myself, I was hoping for someone who already have the appropriate kits (1/35 farming tractor and a BMP(?)), instead of me adding more to my stash…
I’ll be watching the other thread. :slight_smile:

@James_Lee well i have started building the 1/35 hasegawa tractor and i bought a cheap bmp-3 from ebay and i hope to post pictures some time next week

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