Unique Triumph Model

A friend did this 1to1 model of a 1967 Triumph. It’s only 1/2 thick but each nut, bolt, spoke and cable are wood. No paint was used, all color was from different woods.


That’s some very fine woodworking!
Give my compliments to your friend!

Very impressive ! Is there an oil puddle underneath made of Ebony ? :wink:

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WOW! that looks amazing. Takes some, serious, wood working skills to create something like that.

That is some outstanding woodwork, such a unique display piece!

Cheers, D

Parts on the wall were mistakes. He couldn’t bear to throw them away.

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Love the two tone tank …

This guy is a maniac when it comes to wood art and projects but if you handed him the RC166 model he would fail for sure.

Your friend is an artist. If anyone from the Smithsonian views these pages then they need to employ him before somebody else does.