Universal Carrier MK ll first build


Just wandered over here from the Canadian group build thread. Well done on the build. Shame you couldn’t get the right markings, but there’s also no reason you can go back and fix them later on.

Welcome back to the bench!

So it is a bit tedious, but I used standard cheese cloth from the grocery store ( the finest weave they have), cut a half inch by half inch square then take Vallejo 874 tan earth diluted with water and carefully paint/dab as to not disrupt the tight weave. Repeat this until you get the desired darkness of tan colour.
Then a small dab of super glue in the centre of the top of the helmet, let dry. Then fold under the rim of the helmet a little at time and secure with a small whisk of super glue. After the first fold dries start folding and securing while cutting the access net away.
I just started a couple of other figures and you can add the pressure dressing seen under the netting by cutting a small piece of pink styrofoam roll it around a bit for shape size, paint a light shade of canvas to put under the netting.
Note this done after painting the helmet ,then once the netting is done you can weather with what ever wash you choose over everything.


Thanks for the look and comments. Not sure I have the skills yet after one build to remove and reapply new decals. Then try and match the existing weathering.
May have to just buy another kit !!!

Fantastic build Dennis, sincerely looking forward to the Archer and Corvette!