UNSC Paris-Class frigate

Easy to find the file through Googling with key word like unsc Paris class frigate. I choose to redesign the hangars(or just call them storage compartment. Because there’s a defect which they can’t hold neither pelicans nor other UNSC aircrafts due to the limited size. I enlarged all of the hangars,however this only helps her to accommodate two pelicans and four sabers. (Missile soils take up a lot of space.) Days later I will get some 1/1000 unsc aircrafts to full fill the comparison of size.


Here comes the decal😜. Turrets are separated.
They can be put on by blu-tack.

That’s the end, thank you for watching.:smile:


That’s pretty cool. Not exactly “aerodynamic”, is it? But then again, I guess it doesn’t really have to be in space. Kind of looks like a blaster rifle with wings. :laughing: Well done on your Halo frigate.



Yeah,you hit the point. Halo is not a hardcore one like the film Interstellar. Mostly as “soft” as Star Wars. I really love Bungie’s frigate sisters. They are all built conducted on the basis of a MAC,which makes them resemble rifles.:sunglasses:

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Given the MAC series were once described as “fit only for combat in a phone booth” I doubt they inspired any rifle-like characteristics…
:gun: :grin:


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