Unusual advertisement

There’s always these pesky ads at the top of the page on Armorama, and they usually reflect any shopping searches done recently. A new and different one just appeared:
“Caution Warning Panels
Contact Us
Special Role Aircraft Caution Warning Panels That Exceed Performance Standards. Contact Us”
Followed by a click button that says, “OPEN”.
I’m naturally suspicious (to the point of paranoia) that it might lead to malware. Anyone else see this ad? Mine’s at the top of “Uncategorized” category.
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You should never see any ads at the very top of the site. Depending on the role of the dice you may see a Google based ad appear in the middle area and if you have a browser that has empty space on the sides up to (2) ads there (also via Google). And yes they know what you have been recently searching or sites you have visited. I went to the US Mint website recently and now all I see are coins, coins, coins…

I think Biggles is talking about the Forums

Well always there. That’s not Armorama. That’s the KitMaker Forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

And technically that’s not at the ‘top’ of the site either. Web developers are very specific people. :smiley:

You mean like programmers? Yep. Been one for many years.
Computers are autistic and take everything literally …

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I’ve been seeing A LOT of very strange ads and I assure you, they have nothing to do with anything I search, such as audio gear or Amusing Hobby kits as examples.

I don’t want to say the name of the company for obvious reasons, but some stuff was somewhat disturbing.

I constantly X out the ads, but they just keep on coming.

I kept rejecting some of the ads (very small ladies underwear) until Google ads finally got the message and stopped showing them.
Actively responding by visiting the website in the ad might reinforce the message to Google about which ads I am interested in.

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Same here: rejecting the ads.

It’s not just this site though. I definitely don’t understand why I am seeing this stuff.

It could be that the advertiser just carpet bombs the whole internet, never mind trying to aim it at a potentially interested audience.

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Makes perfect sense.

After doing a bit of research, it seems to be advertising AI using algorithms to analyze and predict what individual users want based on what they have been previously searching. The advertisements I receive may be completely different from what others receive. Welcome to the world of AI! :thinking: :exploding_head:
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But the ads for split-crotch panties remains a mystery! :open_mouth:

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By typing this, you might just get a new load :wink:

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You can never have too many split-crotch panties…especially the edible variety! :open_mouth: :yum: :hugs:
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(But are they vegan??)


I’m not surprised you get odd ads …


You should see the ad I see right now in this thread.

This is very weird. I’m not sure what these things are, but I have a guess.

I have zero idea why I am seeing these.

This was one of the main reasons I decided to become a Patron with the site. Couldn’t stand the ad spamming, especially on my mobile phone.


Just the T-shirt I need


I am going crazy trying to block these damn T 3 M U ads which are on full blast everywhere.

There is seriously disturbing stuff with these.

Shame on you Google!!!

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I always wonder why I never get ads for heavy construction equipment or military products but the not so little “pantie ads” are always right there???

Today I even got an ad that only had a big green button that said “CONTINUE” and another with a big red button that said “OPEN.”

Now that is clickbate if I ever saw it!