Unusual reaction on flat coat

Hi. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this. Also, how the heck did it happen?

My Humber Scout car has had the Tamiya Fat Clear down for a week or more. Yesterday I scratch built a couple of boxes for the rear engine deck. I left one on the vehicle over night. This morning I removed it to find the paint underneath has somehow become a glossy square!

The bottom of the box is open; it is just sides and a lid, so there was nothing sitting on the paint apart from the edges.

Could it be that the Tamiya Extra thin was still vapourising after at least 30 minutes after application, and could this be the culprit? I am not overly concerned as most will be covered by the box eventually, albiet it will be aligned better. Curiosity has the better of me.


Thinking that might be the difference between unflatted and the clear flat?

Hi Peter, veeeery interesting…never seen that before but your theory’s probably the only candidate. I guess to prove it you could replicate the conditions on some scrap and place (say) 3 boxes – one immediately after gluing, one after 30 minutes, one after an hour? :thinking:


I admit this seems highly unusual but I think you have hit on the culprit.

Just hit it with the matte clear* again. Problem Solved.

*(Tamiya TS-80 rattle can is my quick and easy matte clear go-to. - Keep you distance and let the clear fall almost dry onto the model surface for the “flatest” matte surface ever! No muss, no fuss and no AB clean-up!)