Update set for Monogram OS2U Kingfisher

Good Day All,

Last week I received a 3-D printed update set for Monogram’s 48th scale OS2U Kingfisher, from Flightline engineering. This set is superb, and includes a correctly sized main float, fully detailed Pilot’s and Observer’s cockpits, and a new cowling, engine, and propeller, along with other details. This is a great set, and well worth getting , if you’re planning on building this kit. Link here: item_48_os2u_kingfisher_set .


Chris Preston,
Victoria, BC


I want to second Flightline Engineering. I have a 3D printed update set for the Lindberg F-11C Goshawk biplane and it is superb.

glad you posted this! I had the link and lost it in a computer crash a couple years ago. This has been on my buy list since I first saw it!

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Wow!!! I have the resin O2U set from Cutting Edge/Meteor and the resin F-11C set from ModelNerd’s ModelShack. Now I have a good excuse to build two Kingfishers and two Goshawks.

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I built one of these with the Lone Star models update set years ago. Glad to hear there is a new set in town.

Really wish someone would take on a completely new Kingfisher in '48!