Upgrade set for Kamaz ICM 1/35

I would like to show my next model-exactly upgrade set-to converse ICM 6x6 Kamaz for civilian dumptruck Kamaz 5511. This set contains 2 A4 sheets of alpaka etched parts and resin details. Much of soldering, much to do (from ICM left only cabin and half of engine), but the look is worth of this work.

And it was my first model which I’ve made from begining almost.


Absolutely outstanding build and paint! Congratulatioms, you can be proud :slight_smile:

An I am :slight_smile:

Fantastic result, Marcin. Well done! Where did you get the КАМАЗ writing from? I have the ICM kit here and know that it’s not included. I’m planing to paint it, though I’m not sure if that’s a good idea … :innocent:

Btw, as you built a civilian truck you should post it in the Automodeller Forum as well. I’m pretty sure those guys don’t look often at Armorama.

Happy modelling!
Torsten :beer:

that weathering and wear is awesome. Man, you nailed it perfectly.


Marcin what a fantastic model you have there. The finish is tour-de-force in my opinion- the weather faded yellow on the cab is extremely well observed as is the rust on the dumper. I think you have also nailed the lower body weathering too with some nicely observed details like the fuel stains on the tank. May I ask what colors you used for the cab and dumper?

Thanks guys !!

It takes me almost 2 years (first project of 3D parts, then project of etched parts, and the last stage-assembling).
Here I show you some pictures of details:

As you see-the grey parts are from ICM kit, the rest are resin details and etched parts.

If someone would like to work with that set please tell me-I have few sets for sell.


IMPRESSIVE work :+1: :+1:

Some of us spend two years on a simple kit before getting it finished :wink: :rofl:

The frame is etched ? WOW !

Yes, it makes it finer and more realistic, but not easier to build :slight_smile:

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I am also very surprised the frame is etched- that is insane! This level of scratch-building is just amazing to see- this is a real work of art from start to finish.

Sometimes assemble such details are easier for me than make it from resin-faster and reliable especiall when resin parts have some bubbles.

Stunning work.

I do like these trucks.

Regards jason

Thanks guys.