Upgraded my Panther in my forest diorama

Here is the old one and the new one. It needs more weathering and merging into the dio but the starting paint job is much better. It’s an interesting evolution of learning new techniques and paints/materials etc. The first one developed from a half-hearted attempt with artists acrylics and a paint brush into a diorama and now I can enjoy using an air brush and lots of other new ideas :slight_smile: Going to give the figures and the rest of the dio a bit of a makeover and some historical context too :wink:

Unfortunately I have lost the engine bay hatch cover… anyone know where I can buy one without having to buy a full engine assembly? It’s a Dragon Panther A but I guess most 1:35 parts would fit. Otherwise Ill probably buy a CMK engine set, use the door here, and use the engine for something else…