Urdan BackTrail

After Black Dog announced the release of the Urdan Industries BackTrail, falsely designated Basktrailer, I started a search on Youtube:
It seems that this model has a lot of uses, given the fact that Black Dog did a good research job.

I’m tempted to say ‘re-inventing the wheel’ - but I wonder if it works any better than the mono-trailer or the rota-trailer and whether the crews have the same issues with it?

Compared to the BackTrail from Scottcast , the one from Black Dog looks simplistic and has some inaccuracies. Personally, Black Dog did a poor research job - missing the tie-downs along the top edge, the “wrench” mounted on the side, improper connection points to tank, missing the stiffeners on the inside of the body plates, the cover plate and stiffeners on the inside of the suspension mounts, the floor has no details of the access plates, and a number of other issues.

I know that there are a few different variations of the BackTrail, but from what I can see the Scottcast and Black Dog kits are meant to be of the same version. So about the only thing the Black Dog kit has going for it (in my opinion) is the tires, which seem to be a more common pattern then those in the Scottcast kit.


The Scottcast Backtrail is far superior to the Blackdog one, in every aspect, and a lot cheaper. I’m my honest opinion, the only way to go for a Backtrail, is Scottcast!!!

FYI, it’s Scottcast, not Scotchcast.

Sorry about the misspelling.