US Army CH-47D Chinook in Afghanistan

Hello, I wonder how many door gunners there are behind their weapons at the same time during a fly in a Chinook. 1; 2 or 3 ?

I have 1 side weapon and 1 rear weapon for the 1:35 scale CH47D from Trumpeter. Could it be a right configuration ?

There can be up to 3; tail/ramp gunner, door gunner on starboard side, and a window gunner on the port side. More common is the 2 side (door/window) gunners.

Starboard side door gunner

Port side window gunner

Window and door gunners inside cabin

Ramp gunner

Live-Resin makes sets for each of these.


Nice pics Gino!

Thank you Gino for your answer.

I already have Live Resin M240 for rear ramp (LRE35168) and for one side (LRE35165), so I need a second kit LRE35165 for the other side to be right according your indications.

Thank you.

That is correct. Another one of these will do it.