Us army sof vehicle

Hi guys,

I read on a site of the us army sof that they used non-tactical vehicles in the early stage of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
One of these vehicles should have been the Landrover Defender.
Is this correct and if so, which version ?
The standard hardtop or the SAS Pink Panther version ?
Can someone give my an answer ?



One of the vehicles you may be referring to is the Ranger Special Operations Vehicle. Hereโ€™s a link to my Warwheels site vehicle index: WarWheels.Net- Land Rover Defender Ranger Special Operations Vehicle .

Hi Patrick,

I donโ€™t think itโ€™s the RSOV. That vehicle was mentioned on that site under an different chapter.
The one iโ€™m thinking of was mentioned under the chapter : non-standard tactical vehicles.

Cheers anyway.



Just came across thisโ€ฆ

and that :

โ€œIn addition to GMVs, the Special Forces soldiers of Task Force Viking travelled in Non-standard Tactical Vehicles (NTVs) such as Land Rover Defenders and other 4x4sโ€

In action :

Interesting reading :


Hi Henri-Pierre,

Sorry for not answering rightaway, but thanks for those links.
They are very helpful!
The video of 10th mountain division is awesome !