US Army to receive new Air Defense System

It is a cross between the “Iron Dome” and “NASAMS” but the article didn’t really say that it was NASAMS and the box launcher isn’t double row like NASAMS.

Anyone know any more on this?

The article does not say it is a cross between Iron Dome and NASAMS, but compares it to them, saying it is similar. It is called Enduring Shield; manufactured by the Leidos Dynetics Group in Huntsville, Alabama. It also states, the most important feature is its open architecture, which will enable the Army to add additional interceptors with new capabilities in the future. So it can be changed/updated as needed.

More info on it here from Leidos:
Dynetics unveils Enduring Shield, its solution for the US Army to counter cruise missiles (


I wonder if it is a rephrase of the Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) as it does have five boxes horizontal.

The article I linked says no:

“Our offering is not MML,” he said, “but it is derived from the heritage and the things that we’ve learned from MML.”

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Is it able to handle enemy balloons?


…and possiblely hostile lawn chairs…

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