US Artillery fuzes

Hi all,
With many US artillery pieces of different calibers and their ammunition available, I can’t find fuze boxes plus appropriate decals - is that my fault or the industry’s?


Hi Peter,
I don´t think that any ammunition other than Wehrmacht is important for the manufacturers. I can´t help with this specific issue, i work only on modern items only. All I know that nowadays, 155 mm fuzes are transported in steel cans, similar to .50 cal. ones. I have one in my collection inncluding the lifting lugs for rounds.

It’s the industry. They barely provide the shells; I doubt that they even know that fuzes exist, let alone that they are separate pieces!
On the other hand, actual fuzes in 1/35 scale would be so tiny they would just be little blobs of plastic!

It’s not the fuzes themselves (I agree it would be mad to have them separately) but the crates they are/were delivered in, like the picture shows one - they would certainly big enough. And the crates themselves could be scratchbuilt, but the markings!

Value Gear makes all sorts of crates, but they don’t seem to have any interest in/knowledge of the styles peculiar to certain armies, nor that there are specific sizes and configurations for a given item or time period. People love them, which goes to show that to the vast majority of modelers, any ol’ box is as good as any other. There’s not much return for a significant expense in that kind of market.

I don’t think you will see any markings until there is a product, and probably only paired together. You’d probably have to print them yourself.