US Delta Force with Gator Support Vehicle from RP | Armorama™

Wow, just wow! Check out the latest project from RP Models, featuring US Special Ops in a Gator UTV offered in several scales.

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If you’re looking for a reviewer… I’m your man!

No!! I am

:rofl: :rofl:

Being a limited edition kit, I somehow doubt there will be review samples for this one. I’ll keep you posted.


Overall it looks great but in some of the pictures, the AT4 looks overscale. Shouldn’t pop the sights out until ready to fire.

@ptruhe I have to agree with the AT-4 looking overscale as I thought that was a NLAW. I might have to replace that with an aftermarket AT-4.

Nonetheless, it looks stunning and is a “first” in the model market for those scales as a M-GATOR. Perhaps one can add a LMG to the cargo bed rollbar.

I can’t imagine how large this must be in 1/16 scale.

They do a review for the different scales after purchasing themselves. :joy:

Hello Mr. Mário Matijasic

Thank you so much for share the news. Truly preciated… The Gator Vehicle in 1/16 its SOLD OUT and in 1/24 and 1/35 its almost close too…

Thank you so much for believe in RPmodels and in me.
With best regards
Hugo Pereira

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Welcome aboard Hugo. Congratulations on great sales.

Hello Mr. Tank_1812

Thank you so much for your comment. Ive to confess I didnt expect nothing like this, but Im very very happy… Thank you for believe in our work…

With best regards
Hugo Pereira

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I’m glad you made the Gator, Hugo. It is a vehicle that seems to be bypassed over and will allow for a lot of scenarios, some not even military. Thanks for entering the modern US SOF market for us. :grinning:

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Hello Mr. Trisaw

Thank you so much for words… RPmodels are working in other special forces vehicles. This is the first from the series, but we will work on gear too, more figures and so on…

Thank you so much for believe in RPmodels and in me…

With best regards
Hugo Pereira

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