US. Delta Forces Gator UTV two figures and German Shepard | Armorama™

Michael Mass and his stunning work on the Special Forces Gator UTV, US. Delta forces team. I started with something that looked easy.. a 1/16th 3d printed model by RP Models from Portugal. Still, b4 chipping of the Gator, adding shades with oils, front lights, and more. Figures come complete, the vehicle is in 2 pcs. The model comes in 1/16, 1/24, and 1/35.

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Nicely done! … The “Hair Missile” is a nice touch! :dog:


That is the 75mm (1/24) version. The 120mm (1/16) and 1/35 versions did not release yet. They all look the same, just different scales.

Everything you see is included in the kit.

Nice job…I really like how everything came out smooth and even as if airbrushed.

Looks really good, but the bed needs dirt. I normally build them fairly clean too, but the bed is too clean. I like it though. Good work.

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