US Infantry and Sniper, WWII | Armorama™

SOGA Miniatures starts a new line of 3D sculpted figures with the first releases depicting US Infantry from WWII, sculpted by Peter Samofalov.

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Awesome, ‘Early War’ uniform and hopefully we see a whole range of these guys also in HBT/ Summer uniform for Normandy…THANK YOU SOGA!

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Yes Jason that would be great. Those are some great pics. Especially like the GIs in the camo uniforms; this is great diorama material.

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Thanks buddy, found them here…

Very few M1 sniper rifles were issued in WWII. More of a Korean war weapon. Late war uniform would be more appropriate and could be used for Korea.

Very nice to see more US figures.

The epaulets will need to come off those jackets and the M1 sniper’s rifle replaced with a 1903 Springfield with scope and no forward sight. Otherwise, I would like to get a pair of these guys

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Hi Cliff, is that to make it a M1938 Parsons as they did not have epaulets but the 1941 did? Totally agree on the sniper rifle as I’d swap it out for as you said for a 1903 or just a straight M1.