US Marine And Army Uniform Camo Decals

I’ve seen uniform decals sold by Peddinghaus, but not those types. Anyone who does?

Verlinden had this set, but I don’t know whether it’s still commercially available.


Sorry, I meant camouflage patterns.

CrossDelta makes 1/35 camouflage uniform decals and some figure modelers here have used them and posted photos.


Wonderful! Now I will need a tutorial on how to apply these things properly on figures. I’ve only put decals on flatter surfaces in the past, so this will be new to me.

I have used them in the past.
1.I first primed the figures in the main camo color, then hit them in a gloss coat.
2.I found it easier to apply the decals before gluing the body parts together, leaving the glue areas bare of decals.
3.Trim the decal the length of the body part, working one section at a time.
4. Place the decal on the figure, rolling and pressing on it with a Q tip to work it into the
folds. Keep in mind which way the camo stripes, pattern etc. should go
5. Use your favorite decal softener, but do not over do it, as too much may fade the camo pattern
6. Continue along the body parts until you are done. After your first or second one it goes quickly.
7. Paint the straps, belts, and use a dab of superglue to add any camo items like ammo pouches or packs.

The Cross Delta decals are very thin and form great to the folds of the equipment and uniforms.

Forgot the pictures…much better than I can ever hope to paint by hand.

As you can see, the decals are so fine the mold line that i did not remove completely showed up under the pants leg.

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Also a windshield for a Schwimmwagen I was working on.

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Thanks. In fact genuinely impossible for most people to paint by hand.

The most important thing is to take your time. Patience is not my strongest virtue, so I would do one figure, work on something else, then go back to them.