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Minisoldiers has a new figure set in their catalogue.

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These are very nice. But am I the only one who wishes that resin (and plastic) figure manufacturers would make more US Airborne figures wearing the 1943 jumpsuit (worn in Operations Market-Garden and Varsity) as opposed to the 1942 uniform (Sicily and D-Day)? It seems 90% of resin figures are dressed for D-Day. I know Masterbox has its set of tank riders inspired by “Band of Brothers,” for which I am grateful), but then Soga released a large set of resin tank riders in 1942 uniforms. And in this instance, wouldn’t a pair of medics clad in 1943 uniforms provide a greater range of possibilities (Market-Garden, the Bulge, Varsity)? I don’t get it. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

I agree James. I have tons of US Paras and they all have the 1942 uniform on, I don’t have the SOGA figures yet but it would be nice to see them in the later uniforms. I have a figure from Stalingrad miniatures that’s wearing the later uniform and it’s very nice.

I totally agree with you, and I’ve been making the same observation for years now.

Looking at most recent resin figures depicting WWII US infantry, you’d think the whole US Army was airborne when, in reality, of the more than one hundred divisions fielded by the US Army in WWI, only five were airborne, and only four of those saw action in WWII.

I guess there’s probably some “Band of Brothers” effect at play here, but even in the famed miniseries, the M1942 jump uniform only sees widespread use for the first three episodes.

Thanks for your input, gentlemen. Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I just wanted to share something I recently discovered, though I may be mistaken. Scale 75 makes this beautiful U.S. paratrooper figure in 1/35 scale, though it is getting hard to find. As you can see, it’s painted in the yellowish 1942 jumpsuit color, but upon closer inspection, I believe it’s a 1943 uniform that’s painted wrong. Look at the larger collar, lack of bulging lower pockets on the jacket and lack of diagonal pockets on the top. There are also no added knee patches. Am I wrong here?

Though you might be right, upon closer insepction, the figure’s jacket appears to be some kind of cross between the M1942 jump suit and M1943 combat jacket.

The skirt does lack the visible, external patch pockets of the M1942 jacket, but the chest pocket appears to be slanted and to sport a visible button, which is incorrect for a M1943 jacket.

Looking at other views on Scale 75’s website, this just looks like a poorly research figure. It even has a USMC style canteen cover with crossed flaps.

Herve hit the nail on the head. Looks as though it’s a cross between the two garments. Under the magazine pouch hooked to the pistol chest holster appears to be a button down pocket from the 1942 uniform but below that it looks like the later model field jacket. Interesting.

I am impressed by the amount of knowledge that’s out there. For one, I never knew there was a difference between US Army and USMC canteens! I’m just noticing that he’s wearing the leather ankle “gaiters” (I know they’re not technically gaiters) with shoes, which was worn by late-war infantry and some airborne troops later in the war, so I’m assuming it would not likely be worn with the 1942 uniform. Either way, it’s a beautifully done figure.