US military trucks in civilian use

I saw this truck (first pic) on the street where I was working today in Smithtown Long Island. Looks like an M35 cab with an M101 trailer as the bed. So cool!
And also from Long Island, this time out East in Hampton Bays at the fire department were two former military trucks. One looks like an M35 and the other an M923 five ton? Not sure about any of these but had to take these pics while at work. I know a lot of fire departments use ex military stuff.

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Good idea for a thread.
I remember Smithtown. Parents lived in a beach house in Northport. There was actually a bar there called Skipper’s.
Here’s my contributrion for the day, although I see stuff like this almost daily:

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Yes! Skippers is still there. It’s advertised as a nautical themed bar and restaurant near the harbor. I’ve never been but I hear it’s great. I work up at Northport train station from time to time.
I had a bunch of other pics of M35s and M923s in service at the Nassau County fire academy but I somehow deleted about 800 pics I had on my phone. Don’t know how but I know I’m a non- tech savvy knucklehead!
A co worker of mine showed me a pic of the exact same truck ( the first one ) in New Jersey covered in snow, a different owner though so it maybe its a popular trend?

The old M35 series of trucks are a popular choice for customization.


Bobbed Deuce with a double cab.


Even the five-tons get the makeover.

Older M1078 and M1079 LMTVs are popular off-grid vehicles as well…


They seem to be everywhere. There’s an actual M35 tanker near me - I think the dude uses it to water his hogs or something. The one in the above photos seems to have been a military/civilian hybrid.
I delivered a motorcycle for Indian a few years ago and passed an old half track just in the woodline with a crane on its front bumper. Not to be confused with the ones I photographed pushing grain cars around.

If I hadn’t been under a time crunch I’d have stopped and taken photos. I cannot for the life of me find it again. Maybe they moved it. But every weekend ride is an opportunity to find something new. Last year I found that M113 with the rubber track, I’d never seen that before.
And yes, two LMTV’s for sale off the highway from me about 45 minutes away. That want 15K which tells me they’d take 12K. My wife would kill me.


Check this half track out in Nebraska-


More in this 18-page long thread from the old forum (how time flies…)



There is a French magazine called “Charge Utile Magazine”. A few months ago they had a special about US surplus trucks used in France with lots of photos. Here is the cover of that issue:

More photos here:

I guess after D-Day there were plenty US Army trucks and the local industry was in ruins, so using them was a very natural thing to do… Here’s another issue of that magazine where they also write about German military trucks:

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!



Yes I remember one of the old threads about this and tried to find it but couldn’t so I started a new topic.

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Oh my… creative juices starting to bubble :thinking::smiley:

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Yes so many ideas come to mind Paul.

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Took the wife on a ride to photograph wildflowers. You never know what you’ll find on the road less traveled:

Meanwhile my wife was able to take her own photos.

She’s a keeper.


Wow loads of US military trucks there.

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Indeed. I’ll have to ride back out on a day when they’re open to make some inquiries.

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DRMO truck lot…

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You would think so, but it’s a cilly villain lot. He apparently buys them in lots at auctions, many from fire departments.

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