US Navy Seal, Mk 48 Gunner 1/16 scale

Hello all,
Just finished this Navy Seal Mk 48 gunner from Legends Productions. It was done for my wifes’ co-worker’s son who recently graduated from Seal training. The kit is beautifully sculpted, great detail and goes together well. I did have some trouble with fitting the arms on the body with respect to the weapon but I managed to get it together. Also, I found the resin to be very soft ,so be careful taking the parts of the pour plugs. It was painted entirely with Vallejos acrylics.

Let me try this again…




here are some more pics

Nicely done! The base is spot on. Nameplate sets it off just right. Everything about it stands out :+1:

Thanks bro ! After I took these pictures I dusted the boots and added some humbrol clear gloss to the NODS on the front of the helmet and the GPS wrist watch and also the thing on his other wrist which I don’t what it is lol ; then I gave it to my wife to take to work and thankfully it made it there in one piece lol