US Navy Truck Decals: WWII

Is there a source for proper vehicle decals for wartime US Navy gray vehicles.

I am particularly interested in doing a Navy Gray Studebaker Deuce and a Half with Black lettering (or a SeaBee.) Either stateside or overseas - it doesn’t matter.

Also are there decals available of other Navy vehicles such as Jeeps and Staff Cars? If so I have never seen them.

Thanks all

The only Jeep decal I know about.

Nothing for the heavier trucks???
I am almost finished with my Navy Stude but no decals!

Some options, nothing easy to find.

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Very sorry to say but Archer has just about closed their doors and is no longer accepting new orders.

That’s why it’s not easy to find. I think Verlinden did a generic sheet but they have been closed a lot longer then Archer. Might have to go the homemade decal route.

@DennisatAutoloader did decals on here. Not sure the status of his print service.

I did a Chevrolet with just generic lettering decals.
Looks ok I think.

All the best


Love that transport trailer ! * ! * ! * !

Looks like it may come down to me using individual letter sets.
Or trying to print my own decals.


this was built about twenty years ago.
If I was to do one now I also would have decals made.

All the best