US Sherman interior color

What is the color for the interior of a Sherman tank?
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Gloss white. Insides of hatches were OD, and some stowage items were too.

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That white paint (O.D. as well) goes on very heavy and very thick. Almost rubber like. I once had to take the lifting equipment in to me x-rayed on the old CD 850 line, and it took me all day to get the paint off them to inspect them. It was so heavy that the weld beads looked smooth (they do this every six months!). The O.D. was a matte finish, and just as thick. Sand blasting took hours to get it off

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What color were the floors ?

Gloss white.

Thanks Gino I thought so, just wasn’t sure. Some pics online show a dark colored floor, probably a museum piece?

Only open topped vehicles such as tank destroyers should have OD floorboards. And that was usually just in the area below the turret, not in the drivers compartment.


All white interior, and like Tom said; all hatches were OD and black.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m at the stage of painting the hull interior.,
One more question- the fire extinguishers are red? Or OD?

Red. Posted in your Sherman 105mm thread.

Yeah I kinda figured, thanks again Gino. I’m never sure of refurbished vehicles.

A few photos from WWII era manuals.Look pretty white on the interior to my eye…




Yes those are great pics Carlos. I see the manual has the generator painted all white where I have seen some restored vehicles with it painted OD. This is where my uncertainty comes from. I think it was in the Squadron Sherman walk around.

Be careful with restorations - they aren’t necessarily 100% accurate.


Yes that’s what I’m cautious about when looking at all these pics. The pictures from the TMs are most helpful in the end I think. Some of the members models on this site are a big help as well.

Even the pics from the TMs show one generator in white and one dark/OD. Can be confusing.

True, the TMs are often illustrated with test vehicles rather than standard-issue ones, because the manual needs to be ready to put inside the vehicle when it gets issued! So there will be some variations even within a single TM.

Yes I’m finding that as well. I’ve seen the drivers instrument panel in white and more so in OD.