US tanker overalls (Nomex)

I’ve read in several places that the tank overalls worn by US armor crews are ‘very similar’ to those worn by helicopter crews.

The question is - how similar?

I’m talking about 1/48 scale figures so are the differences significant enough to be obvious or small enough that it won’t matter?

I’ve been looking at a one of the Reedoak figures to use as tank crew but I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate for the purpose:


For the 90’s, I don’t think we had the Velcro patch on both sides on the chest. I think later they where just one the left side for the name patch. Which makes sense as at least for Marines we didn’t have unit patches like the pilots did.

I think it would work for 1/48.

It should work just fine. In the 80s and early 90s, there were no velcro bits on the nomex, unless the individual added it.

The biggest difference between the flyers coveralls and the tankers coveralls was an opening across the shoulders, sealed with velcro, to access an emergency lifting strap. This would be very difficult to make out in 1/35, and all but invisible in 1/48.

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Thanks both - that’s pretty much what I thought but it’s always useful to have some real-world experience to fall back on.


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Do the aviators version have the flap in the back?

My team had a set of tan ones in Iraq we used for explosive breaching. Nothing more terrifying to the enemy that bursting into the room while on fire, and we are of course a kinder, gentler army so we wouldn’t want that. Short answer is no.


That flap could be handy when in the woods as long as you were mindful of where the flap was at all times…

@Dan Nope, the aviators coveralls do not have the flap in back. They don’t need it.