Use for Fiberglass Pencil on Paint?

Several of my completed models have an excessively grainy matt finish. Has anyone used a fiberglass paint pen/pencil to smooth out similar finishes? This is a hand tool for mainly automotive use, but seems to have an application to model finishes as well.

Am I wrong in assuming you use an airbrush?

Grainy paint can often result from high air pressure and/or spraying from too great a distance. The paint dries before hitting the model.

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Oh I know. My question was about use if the fiberglass pen to reduce the current finish.

I would prefer a 2500 sandpaper or over, fiberglass pen sounds too hard for me.

But there is nothing wrong trying on an old model/hidden place and letting us know :slight_smile:

Try an old wide flat paintbrush with short bristles/hairs to lightly scrub the surface.

I use a small piece of sandpaper that’s wet.


Yes, on occasion I use a fibreglass pencil. I use it for specific weathering effects.
I start with a black primer base. Over that I spray a colour representing the primer that would be used on the real vehicle. After that I spray the vehicle colour/camouflage pattern. Where I use the fibreglass pencil is on areas of heavy wear on what I am modelling as an aged vehicle and have good references to show such wear. The fibreglass pencil distresses the top layer of paint and wears through to the red oxide (or yellow/green oxide) primer giving the effect I’m seeking.
After that it is on with other layering techniques including filters, washes, pin washes, etc., etc.
Hope that assists.

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Ever look at your wife’s nail polishing kit? The final finishing blocks look like styrofoam. I’ve actually used bits of meat packing tray to polish plastic. It might work on paint as well. I’d be interested to see if it does. I don’t really have any grainy paint on any of my finished models to try it myself.