User help - replying

How do i post on a specific title within a category please ?

Do you want to reply to an existing topic
do you want to start a new topic?

Under where you put your title, click the down arrow and all the different categories will come up. Select the one your topic best fits in.

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Hi,thanks for your reply.
Maybe i havnt made myself clear enough,or i am bereft of sense considering my aging mind lol.
I want to post within a sub section of a named topic,within say Armour or Aircraft.

No, i would like to post on an existing topic within,modern or ww2 or aircraft.
I appreciate your help.

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Go to the topic and hit the Reply button on one of the existing posts, just like you did here.

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I would like to add my own post, on the already existing post after someone has already created it within say armour or aircaraft,or wahatever subject matter that are/and has already been created.
in regards to clarification i am sure with your help ,i will create more good content.
I feel a bit confused by this platform.
Although, what i see is incredible enough on this site,and to be honest is just fantastic.

Creating a new topic is this…

And replying to a topic is either by using the “Reply” button on a users comment or by clicking “Reply” at the top or bottom of a topic.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jim, no sorry it doesn’t.
I already know how to start a topic.
I would like to know how to add to a topic to add my tuppence worth to.
So if i go to say Armour first,but want to add it a topic within that subject,like challenger 2,i dont to reply to it i want to add to it.
I hope that makes sense.
Will it automatically get asigned to tha corresct subject within armour.

I get the impression that there are misunderstandings clogging up the communication.
Armorama is a web-site which has a discussion forum named Armor/AFV
which contains sub-forums such as: Dioramas, WWII Axis, Modern, Cold War, Constructive Feedback, 1:1 Tank Talk et.c

A discussion about modelling a Challenger 2 would fit in the ‘Modern’ subforum.
A discussion about the real 1:1 scale tank would fit better in the ‘1:1 Tank Talk’ subforum.

This is what it looks like when I have “entered” the Modern subforum

I can also choose between different tags, I could forinstance be interested in all topics/posts tagged with 1:35 or tamiya or trumpeter or something else:

This is the list of topics/threads in the Armor/AFV :: Modern subforum without filtering of tags:

Topics underlined with red, tags with blue, some topics do not have a tag since the creator of the topic did not assign any tag.

To create a completely new topic you click the “+ New Topic” button

which opens this dialogue box:

1: Enter the title/subject of the topic you want to create
2: It is possible to change the forum and subforum if needed, if you clicked New Topic in the wrong forum for some reason
3: Want to add tags?
4: Start typing the content.

The above was about starting a completely new topic.

Adding a reply to an existing topic you already know how to do. Note that there are two options when replying. It is possible to reply to a specific post or to reply to the whole topic. If you reply to a specific post the creator of that post receives a notification. If you reply to the whole topic then I think only the topic creator gets a notification. This applies with the default settings, it is possible to “subscribe” to a topic …

1: Reply to Bison126
2: Reply to Terry1954
3: Reply to Dioramartin
4: Reply to the whole topic
5: Set you own level of interest for this topic

Adding a new subforum is a task for the moderators

Adding a tag can be done by creating it when creating a new topic.