Uses for measuring cups for chemicals?

Good day everyone,

Recently I have bought new airbrush cleaner, this one: VMS Airbrush Cleaners Pro Acrylic Concentrate 200 ml (effective 1000 ml)
And I want to use it, of course.
But, I want to measure it and mix it with the specific ratios provided on the label of the concentrate bottle.
Now I have found these measuring cups:
And I think they are really nice to use for this product.
And I also want to buy some empty bottles for easy usage of the mixed product.
Like they are showing in the instruction video.
Which seems pretty cool to me, and I like the idea.
But, do those cups also have more uses in the scale modeling?
Because I would like to have stuff that can be used as much as possible, that way my purchase will stay valuable for longer.
Since it gets used enough.
So that’s my question, are thses cups usable for more than just the making of the airbrush cleaner I bought?

Have a good day,


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I always have a 10ml beaker on my work bench. I use it to mix white-glue / water solutions for gluing diorama groundwork, diluting paint, cleaning brushes and mixing paint and varnishes. I also have a large bag of 1ml and 4ml disposable pipettes for dispensing paints and solvents.

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I use disposable plastic shot glasses, or medication cups, available by the package from Dollar Plus stores, etc. They don’t have actual measurement graduations, but that can be eyeballed, or use an eyedropper.

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Ive bought surplus versions of those cups and they normally get used like normal containers but having a apout makes them more useful. I use them to mix my own terrain sealing glue as it requires more precision than eyeballing it.

Buy some disposable pipets (eye droppers). You can generally be accurate to the drop if you are consistent with the size of your drops.