Using AK Heavy Chipping fluids need help

Please can anyone with experience of the product answer a couple of questions?
Firstly can you mask over it?
I want to do a what if King Tiger with a hard edged splinter camouflage and would need to mask directly over the first layer of paint after the chipping fluid, then mask and apply second colour, remove masks and then start chipping.
Secondly is any stage time dependant?
If I put the first layer of paint on, mask the next day, apply second colour then start chipping am I going to struggle becuse of the cure time the paint has had?
I will be using custom Tamiya paint mixes thinned with Tamiya X-20A acrylic thinner as suggested in this YT video:

Thank you in advance.

I have used this product, but not with any type of masking and usually just small pieces.
Typically , the sooner you start wearing the item after base coat, the easier it is.
My last use I had waited 24 hours and while it did wear, I had to work it more then if I did it sooner.
Your best bet might be to to a test piece of some sort.
Maybe a sheet of styrene painted with what you are trying to do.

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Masking tape will pull up at least some of the chipping fluid, but since that is the parts that will be left in the base color, that should not be a problem. I agree with Petro, do the whole process as quickly as you can, and practice on some scrap styrene or an old model first, so you don’t mess up your tank.


Thanks for the advice it worked for me:

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You can even use the fluid on each layer, so you get chipping on each color.

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Which advice?