Using Vallejo desert tan base

Ive been trying various paints for ODS-era vehicles and just finished an M49 in MM Sand FS33531 for a statside-painted vehicle.

Ive used Vallejo Desert Tan Base to finish models in the past and it looks similar to MM although a little lighter.

Any ideas on color and mix ratios to turn my nice big bottle of Vallejo into FS33531?

Sorry but what is an M49?

M49: 2 1/2 ton tanker truck, usually used as a fuel truck, but could also be for water.

Sorry, no idea on the mix for the Valllejo paint.

Oh ok. Sounded familiar but couldn’t place it. I remember seeing them in Germany

Thanks guys

Gino, do you prime before using MM enamel?

If so, what with?

No, I never prime, never have.

MM? Mission Models acrylics; or Model Master enamel?


I am talking about Testors Model Master enamels.